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You get what you get and you don't get upset

Mar 25, 2018 ~ 3 min read

Or how we as adults forget about basic principles we teach kids, but for some reason tend to think that we've grown up and it doesn't apply to us anymore

This story is about a group of young innovators who worked hard to build something great, but didn't get fully deserved awards and recognitions. They continue to work hard and serve customers with passion and integrity. Let's take a moment to celebrate the team who made it possible.


Main contributor with over 1M lines of written code, Alex was and forever will be the "father" of deep-framework. When we first met, he was a hardcore PHP guy who just couldn't shut up about how great Symfony Framework is. We built couple of projects using Symfony and we were happy that customers love us. By that time, AWS Lambda was released in beta and our desire to manage servers started to go down exponentially. His insane curiosity and crazy desire to have Symfony as part of Lambda put us on a path to build JavaScript driven framework for Cloud Native Web Applications on AWS.


From the beginning and without formal training, Marcel defined himself as a security engineer, working on making deep-framework feasible and secure environment. For a long time he felt that his work is not exciting nor rewarding, but the fact that none of our customers ever complained about security issues, as well as every security audit was passed with success from the first attempt says the world about Marcel. But the most important fact about him is his sense of humor and extraordinary ability to emphasize the fun out of everything.


In his first job ever as an engineer, Cristi blown away everybody's minds and expectations. His ability to take a problem and turn it into working code impressed us all. But that is not a surprise, since his entire time in school he participated at national and international contests in Math and Computer Science. Cristi was always focused on winning, and nowadays as a college student he is winning with deep-framework.


One of the most meticulous engineers out there, Dmitri fixed the most annoying bugs in deep-framework. His ability to break down a problem into microsteps and reverse engineer them around helped entire team to address issues that most of us couldn't. Dima is the core engineer and main interface between this open source project and customers needs. We are proud and happy to have him on the team, and he definitely deserves our recognition.

And More

We'd like to thank all of deep-framework contributors:

Everybody deserves a piece of recognition no matter how big or how small it is. We value our people and we thank them for their hard work!

Everybody deserves a piece of recognition no matter how big or how small it is. We value our people and we thank them for their hard work!

P. S. What's Up With This Title?

If you got to this paragraph, you might be thinking "Well, I get it, but what's up with this title?" If you do, here is the explanation — Mitoc Group's deep-framework has been listed by Cloud Native Computing Foundation as Non-CNCF Member Products/Projects. Here is the link:

Since the team was not that excited about this achievement, as well as some of us were really upset for not getting more, we thought to combine the "recognition part" with "you get what you get and you don't get upset". We want more because we are humans and that's fine, but remember what you are teaching kids and don't forget that the same principles apply to yourself.

Eugene Istrati
Eugene Istrati
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