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The DevOps Hub for Terraform Automation — is a terraform centric user interface driven devops tool.

About the Company

We are providing incremental value by automating the management at scale of large amount of cloud services and cloud resources that run in customers' private networks built on top of public clouds.

Our team engages a business model that consists of managed services (provide support and management of terraform) and professional services (build and deploy terraform automation).

Managing IT in the cloud is agruably NOT getting easier because of so many solutions to similar problems that get customers lost or overwhelmed.
Case Study

The Challenge

Companies who have deployed cloud are said to be gaining competitive advantage over their rivals according to recent studies by IDC, Gartner and Forrester Research.

Customers are increasingly adopting cloud services from major providers like Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. Setting up infrastructure as code using open source projects quickly becomes preferred way to embrace cloud services. Terraform is one of the leading infrastructure as code open source software that can manage existing service providers as well as custom in-house solutions.

Why Mitoc Group?

Our Team
Mitoc Group worked on multiple infrastructure as code projects using open source software.
  • We empowered customers to setup infrastructure as code and automated workflows using a combination of these two open source projects: Terraform and TerraHub.
  • When TerraHub token is valid and enabled, TerraHub CLI collects terraform logs and operational data, and uploads them into TerraHub API.
  • TerraHub Console provides data driven insights through real-time dashboards, as well as enterprise grade reporting and auditing capabilities.
Our Team

The Benefits

The Benefits
Adopting infrastructure as code and using TerraHub on top of terraform have increased our operational efficiency while reducing the time spent on operations by more than 70%. To be clear, that is two thirds of our time that we have been spending before on development operations is now managed by Pretty cool, right?