Mitoc Group is a technology company that focuses on innovative enterprise solutions.

About Us

Our mission is to enable businesses and developers to provide high-value products and services in a constantly changing digital world.


Founded in 2014 by industry experts, Mitoc Group was positioned as a team of serverless believers from the beginning. Our journey started in the same moment with one of the most innovative and bold move from cloud computing leader Amazon Web Service to launch in beta a new service called AWS Lambda. Very few at that point were dreaming of a compute service that embeds the best of virtualization and containerization. We had the privilege to live it through from "oh wow, nice shiny toy" to "oh boy, everybody is using it".

The last couple of years have been an interesting rollercoaster, with beautiful ups and painful downs. And, my friend, did we learn a lot!

"There is no compression algorithm for experience. You can’t learn certain lessons without going through the curve.

Andy Jassy, CEO AWS
Andy Jassy

We are Proud

for the status of

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

We are also proud of our contribution to the open source community through projects like Digital Enterprise End-to-end Platform and Rethink Continuous Integration for Serverless Applications.


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