Case Study

Major Content
Analytics Company

A company that provides insights and analytics that accelerate the pace of innovation for customers around the world.

About the Company

Major content analytics company, owned by leading private equity firm and formerly the intellectual property and science business unit of a major mass media and information company.

They own and operate a collection of leading subscription-based businesses focused on scientific and academic research, patent analytics and regulatory standards, pharmaceutical and biotech intelligence, trademark protection, domain brand protection and intellectual property management.

New owners agreed to completely vacate their data centers over the period of three years.
Using this opportunity, major content analytics company decided to migrate entire infrastructure into the cloud and avoid undifferentiated heavy lifting.
Case Study

The Challenge

As a result of divestiture, this major content analytics company required a detailed plan to operationalize their existing AWS cloud footprint outside of former parent company.

It also needed to develop a plan to exit the on-premises infrastructure footprint managed by previous owners. They needed to partner with somebody who can help with its data centers migrations, IT operations and management.

Why Mitoc Group?

Automation Serverless
As one of the leading companies in terms of automation and devops practice on AWS cloud, Mitoc Group worked together with other partners within AWS ecosystem to deliver business results in timely manner.
  • In the first phase, we engaged with partners to help manage and operate customer's current AWS footprint, which supported both production and non-production platforms, and provided recommendations to improve cost and operational efficiency.
  • In the second phase, we contributed to large-scale assessment of 30 ecosystems and over 4,500 servers using a combination of in-depth customer interviews and automation processes discussions.
  • In the third and last phase, we were involved in hands-on implementation of foundational build and migration of all ecosystems within the company's global footprint to AWS.
Automation Serverless

The Benefits

The Benefits
The results of this multi-year project created an even stronger partnership between major content analytics company, AWS and other partners involved in this effort. The migration strategy developed an incredible ROI output that resulted in a reduction in infrastructure costs of nearly 40% and savings of 50% from an operational perspective. Most importantly, the customer was able to vacate on-premises data centers ahead of deadline and avoid associated penalties estimated at several millions of dollars.