Case Study

Major Media &
Entertainment Company

A global platform for all things pop culture.

About the Company

This brand is currently available to millions of cable and satellite subscribers and is one of the leading multi-platform publisher delivering breaking entertainment news and pop culture coverage across all digital and social media.

Additionally, this company hosts signature events that keep fans connected to their favorite stars on pop culture's biggest nights.

In order to be successful, the company adopted Cloud First strategy across entire enterprise.
This strategy enabled businesses to shift from highly specialized and dedicated on-premises infrastructure to self-provisioned public and private cloud resources.
Case Study

The Challenge

Major media and entertainment company is on an amazing journey to move their infrastructure footprint into AWS cloud.

Customer's cloud operation team was eager to leverage Chef to introduce orchestration tools into their AWS environment. The intent was to move into a recipe driven approach for both application server builds and updates to insure consistency, as well as cross company operational configuration for running instances / VMs.

Why Mitoc Group?

Case Study
Proven track record and prior working experience with Chef software allowed Mitoc Group team to engage with the client in full confidence that they will get high quality delivery.
  • Our engineers are continuously looking for ways to improve and make it more efficient to run in the cloud, which was literally one of the challenges and customer's requirements.
  • With focus on automation, we helped cloud operations team to refine their requirements to better fit their needs.
Case Study

The Benefits

The Benefits
Cloud operations team successfully reached their goal by reducing implementation and on-going management time by at least 50%. When a new server is provisioned, Chef agent is installed and corresponding runbook configures all necessary packages based on the server's role and permissions. All server updates and code modifications are performed via Chef without no direct manual interventions. Fun fact, the engagement was delivered ahead of schedule, so the rest of the time was spent to harden and automate security operations.