Case Study

Major Insurance

A secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery.

About the Company

Major insurance company has been offering complex risks management and sustainable financial strength for decades.

Today, this organization is evolving to better serve customers needs around the world. They innovate and simplify, providing greater transparency, and delivering value faster and more efficiently. Customer is recognized for becoming leaner, more focused, and more profitable.

The main goal was to decrease the timeline from weeks to hours or even minutes between when the data is created and when it becomes available in dashboards.
Case Study

The Challenge

Major insurance company is already using public cloud services to deliver agility and faster time to market

They have successfully migrated and are currently running production SAP workloads on top of AWS. Corporate finance teams wanted to continue the positive momentum on top of that successful delivery. They have decided to build out a data lake and import couple of dozen financial data sources that will be exposed in series of dashboards.

Why Mitoc Group?

With extended experience in data operations and data transformations, our team have worked with the customer to empower them to use cloud native services from AWS like Lambda, Glue, S3 and Redshift.
  • We implemented least privilege security model integrated with centralized SSO and aligned with best practices in highly regulated insurance industry.
  • Our team focused on data engineering aspects of the challenge, while customer's teams were focusing on their core business activities and valuable financial insights.

The Benefits

By adopting serverless approach on top of AWS cloud, major insurance company's teams were able to deliver this high complexity transformation project in couple of weeks instead of months.