Case Study

Major Publishing Conglomerate

A leading media, information and services company with hundreds of businesses under its umbrella.

About the Company

Major publishing conglomerate continues a legacy of innovation for more than a dozen of decades — and a love of what's next.

Their portfolio includes ownership in cable television networks, newspapers and magazines around the world, global financial services, medical information and services businesses, digital services and emerging digital entertainment companies.

The company embarked on a journey to produce unique meaningful insights across their televisions, newspapers and magazines that only few in the industry are able to address.
Case Study

The Challenge

Major publishing conglomerate creates breaking news and entertainment content that gets consumed by millions around the world.

The company wanted to consolidate and link both online and offline behavioral data with marketing and advertising data that would help decision makers to learn about business performance in minutes.

Why Mitoc Group?

Case Study
Primarily driven by revenue data coming from Google AdX and Google DfP, as well as newly announced Google BigQuery's capabilities, the customer reached out to Mitoc Group in order to design and implement the data management processes.
  • With proven track record in automation and data operations, we provided very detailed plan on how to address revenue data sources first.
  • Later integrate into a standardized workflow other sources like online behavioral data, offline subscribers data, social media data and marketing operational data.
Case Study

The Benefits

The Benefits
Agile methodology and incremental approach to data operations allowed the customer to reduce dashboard's delivery time from a month and a half down to 72 hours. Also, consolidation across business units of enterprise licenses and enterprise agreements for data sources reduced their bill by several millions of dollars a year. Automation of data processes increased company's appetite for better and richer data insights that directly brings positive business impact and delivers on corporate goal of providing what's next.